Dukley Dental Clinic

Dukley Dental Clinic

Gathers a professional team of dentists and offers a wide range of the highest quality dental services, using cutting-edge technology.

During our work with patients, we put a special focus on the individual approach.


Our professional team performs the most demanding surgeries, using equipment of famous German company Sirona

Why Dukley?


At Dukley Dental Clinic you will find the finest experts in the field, that perform the most demanding procedures using state-of-the-art equipment and offer European quality at affordable rates.


Why Montenegro?

As an attractive tourism destination over the past few years Montenegro has also emerged as an attractive destination for health and dental tourism, providing high quality services, relaxation and enjoyment, alongside moneysaving.


Montenegro is a captivating country, endowed with rich natural and cultural beauty. It boasts more than one hundred sandy and pebble beaches, five national parks, four UNESCO heritage sites, world’s highest mausoleum, Europe’s most southern fjord, as well as the deepest canyon and one of the three remaining rainforests of the old continent.

Dukley Dental Clinics managed by Dr. Tihomir Jovic

Specialized in parodontology and oral medicine. He graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade and also did his specialization there, mentored by Vojislav Lekovic, associate professor at the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).


Some of Dr. Jovic's achievements:

  • member of the first management board of the Association of Parodontologists of Serbia and Montenegro;
  • consultant and visiting associate in 9 private dentistry practices in Montenegro;
  • founder and owner of the first private dental practice in Cetinje;
  • active participant at all professional conferences in the region;
  • 30 years of experience.

Dr. Nikola Bogdanovic

Graduated in 2012 from the Dental School of University of Banja Luka. He is regularly attending professional lectures and conferences for the purpose of continuous training and education in an endeavor to je provide the highest quality of services to his patients.

    Our clinic is located in Budva, the most attractive tourism destination on the Montenegrin coast.


    The very location provides a unique opportunity to travel across the country, visit remnants of medieval culture and admire versatile and rich nature and at the same time obtain high quality dental services at affordable prices.

    Certificate of Excellence

    At Dukley Dental Clinic you can expect nothing but the best service, provided by some of the best experts in the field. This is confirmed by Solvent Rating Montenegro, which provided Dukley Dental Clinic this certificate of excellence for its services.

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